Ravaglioli 8-LINER 8CCD – Bluetooth Wireless Aligner

The New RAV-8LINER Bluetooth Alignment System…An ultra fast and accurate alignment with at a great price point!

Backed by AMERICAN service and support and built by one of Europe’s oldest and leading manufacturers comes the new RAV 8LINER Bluetooth Series alignment system. Precision accuracy and ultra quick measuring times are now possible at an extremely low and affordable cost. This system is fully equipped….not stripped….and is offered with two different clamping choices. Our 8CCD Bluetooth wireless sensor heads are accurate and reliable and each head is a fully functional remote control. By establishing a measuring path for all four sides of the vehicle this system is capable of additional collision measurements and calibration tracking.

To further enhance an already great value you may choose between several premium options that are usually reserved for high end machines costing $25,000 or more. Among these options are:

  • Vehicle selection by VIN Bar Code Scanner
  • Smartphone/Tablet viewing and operation
  • Self-Calibration Package

Raveggioli Vistar-3D Wheel Alignment System

The VISTAR 3-D Target Alignment System by Ravaglioli represents alignment technology at its peak. A higher performing, versatile and simple system at a more affordable cost, there’s no rolling, pushing or pulling of the vehicle required. Exclusive to RAV, the VISTAR 3D uses Solid Vision Technology and Premium Grade Software with hundreds of help graphics to give you the most advanced alignment system on the market today. The VISTAR 3D just may be the most advanced alignment system on the market today.

Ravaglioli TD8060 Heavy Duty Alignment System

The TD8060 Heavy Duty Alignment System by Ravaglioli represents the latest technology in truck alignment. These newly developed aligners feature state of the art components and specific truck alignment software developed with and for truck alignment specialists. The TD8060 also features:

  • Data management and display program in WINDOWS environment
  • Data bank with vehicle data sheets already entered and further blank sheets to be filled
  • Customer data bank for recording jobs with search by customer name or vehicle plate number
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Four remote controls with ability to operate system from any head