Ravaglioli G3.140RS Wheel Balancer

The new G3.140RS Smart balancing system by Ravaglioli offers high end features at a mid range price level. This versatile system allows you to customize your machine from a large range of accessories and features. The machine can be accessorized as a basic video wheel balancer or can be outfitted with digital data arm so that it becomes a complete diagnostic balancer capable of measuring tire and wheel run-out condition. High end features include laser pointer, LED lighting of wheel interior, ECO weight program, inner data entry arm functions as eccentricity measuring device of the rim, and much more. 

Ravaglioli G7.340RS Wheel Balancer

The G7.340RS Diagnostic Smart Balancer by Ravaglioli is a revolutionary Wheel Balancer that has a digital calliper with optical sensor, alloy shaft sliding on bushes and automatic storage of distance and diameter up to 30”. Color monitor TFT SVGA 19” – Industrial PC with static hard disk 3D Graphic

Ravaglioli GTL.140RC HD Wheel Balancer

The GTL.140RC HD Balancer by Ravaglioli is a versatile machine that is designed for easy, fast and accurate balancing of car and commercial wheels. Other features include a microprocessor controlled with self-calibration and self-diagnostics, specific balancing programs for static, dynamic and ALU wheels (light alloy).

One single spin with low rotation speed provides all the values. Display readout of out of balance values and the related position on the wheel. Digital calliper with optical sensor, with alloy shaft sliding on bushes and automatic storage of distance and diameter up to 26”.

Ravaglioli G4.140SCAN

The G4.140SCAN Balancer by Ravaglioli has the capability to automatically spin the wheel, inspect the rim with a moving scanner, determine whether it is steel or aluminium, calculate the unbalance, and stop and point with a laser the exact spot where to apply the outer and the inner correcting weight. The large screen with the latest graphic will support you through the operation showing the unbalance values. In AUTO mode the balancer does everything AUTOMATICALLY such as balancing program selection, spoke count and position of hidden weights.