Ravaglioi G8945DS.ITA Memory Leverless Tire Changer

Ravaglioi’s G8945DS.ITA memory leverless tire changer is our latest model in our search for the easiest and most efficient way to mount and demount today’s difficult combinations. We add an adjustable height hub mounting system that is very quick and safe for expensive rims and a functional wheel lift for assistance. For bead breaking we offer the best of both worlds: side shovel type bead breaker as well as dynamic roller bead breaking. The positioning of our proven no-mar mount/demount tool is easily set for rim #1 then returns automatically to the proper position on its own for rims 2, 3, and 4. The MEMORY function uses a simple non-electronic technology that promises to be reliable and durable. Completing the package is our pneumatic help device for assistance when the need arises.

Ravaglioli G7246ID.26A Speed Tire Changer

Ravaglioli’s G7246ID.26A Speed Tire Changer is a rugged and powerful machine that has been designed and engineered for the tire dealer professional. The G7246ID.26A makes use of our powerful 220 volt inverter motor with variable speed for more torque and complete speed control. Our bead breaker is 50% more powerful than most of our competitors. The clamping table handles rims up to 26″ in the outside position without the need for additional adaptors. This is an ideal tire machine for the high volume tire shop which demands speed, power, and extreme durability.

Ravaglioli G7645.26 Automatic Tilt-Back Tire Changer

Ravaglioli’s G7645.26 Automatic Tilt-Back Tire Changer is certainly one of the strongest and most versatile tire changers in our line. Its strength comes from its heavily constructed tilt-back design which is inherently less flexible than the swing arm design. So much structural strength allows the machine to easily handle its large clamping table. Our 220 volt true variable speed drive gives the machine power and versatility needed for today’s tires and wheels.