Challenger LE10

The LE10 (10,000 lb. capacity) 2-post lift features Challengerʼs innovative 3-stage front and 2-stage rear arms, which provide technicians with the versatility to lift vehicles both symmetrically and asymmetrically within the same service bay, increasing efficiency and potential revenue.

ALI/ETL Certified.


Challenger E12

Challenger’s E12 is the perfect economic 2-post lift for servicing trucks and other vehicles up to 12,000 lbs. Heavy-duty 2-stage front and 2-stage rear arms offer symmetric lifting capability. Also, adjustable column height accommodates higher profile vehicles while providing ample servicing headroom. The E12 comes standards with stack adapters. Accommodate higher profile vehicles with optional 2 foot column extensions.

ALI/ETL certified.


Launch TLT210-XT

Launch Tech USA’s TLT210-XT (10,000 lb. capacity) 2-post direct drive lift is a multi purpose full asymmetric lift that is height and width adjustable and may be installed in a standard or rotated column configuration to accommodate the smallest cars to the largest SUVs’ and trucks.

ALI/ETL certified.



The iDEAL TP10KAC-DX (10,000 lb. capacity) 2-post light duty lift is a premium bi-symmetric design clear floor vehicle lift with the latest design features including, 3 Stage front arms with full 180° rotation for symmetric & asymmetric lifting, low profile 4” adjustable swivel pads and single point cable lock release. The rigid one piece column combined with direct ‘pull’ cylinders make it the perfect service lift for passenger cars, SUVs & most light duty trucks.

ALI/ETL certified.


Tuxedo TP9-KACX

Tuxedo’s New TP9K ‘X’ Series (9,000 lb. capacity) 2-post clear floor lift has been redesigned to now include standard features with single piece column construction, internal hose routing, padded overhead shut-off bar with kill switch, reduced overall width, drop-in adjustable swivel pads with height adapters and rubber door guards, making these models one of the best 2-post lift values in the industry!